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    We commit to a reliable relationship with you to raise your little geniuses by only the highest merits.

About Us

Who are we?

The foundations of the Little Genius Academy were laid down by the very versatile Ms. Gul e Rana Naseem. This humble abode went live in 2008 after the founder scored a Montessori Diploma from IMS. Ever since we have embraced our legacy of excellence.

We envision a safe haven for the young blooming flowers with the conviction of providing quality education and standard grooming. Sheltering our younglings with love and warmth, we take pride in our convivial environment. Here at the Academy, we believe every little rockstar deserves a voice!

We aspire to nurture the inner creativity of your child so that today’s learner can become tomorrow’s leader. Widening the vicinity of their knowledge, we make sure that these junior scouts feel confident exploring the world around them. It serves us great pleasure that our institute has aided numerous students in paving the road to reputable schools all over Karachi.

Co-Curricular Activities

Activities That Brilliantly Complement Academics

Weekly Karate Classes

Self-defense is a crucial skill set that ensures courage. We offer Karate lessons once every week to develop sound character and resilience in our students. Physical activity is crucial for young people and plays a vital role in their academic journey.

Imagination helps boost kids’ social, creative, and problem-solving abilities. Hence, we make sure their days are marked with fun role-plays where they can be their own fantasy.

We commence our days with presentations carefully equipped with interesting facts. A great activity that shakes off the morning laziness and energizes your child for the classroom.

What The Future Holds

Rules and Legacy

We plan on continuing this journey with your child till Grade 5 carrying the Cambridge Curriculum. This syllabus provides a keen framework for deep concepts of Mathematics, Science, English and other key subjects. We seek to build a conceptual base in our students along with reinforcing their inner talents. Ramadan breaks are offered and no fee is charged during that period as our token of goodwill. However, no summer vacations in June and July are provided. 

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A Wide Range of Educational Experiences

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